Q? What are the dimensions of each roll of Valéron material?

A: Valeron comes in rolls 1.25m X 96m, giving 120 sq m per roll.

Q? How many rolls in a pallet? 

A: Each pallet contains 36 rolls which equivilates to an area of 4320 sq m. A pallet would usually fit 2 or 3 sheds depending on the shed size.

Q? How long will it last?

A: We have installations over 15 years old.

Q? If I wanted to clean the material would I be able to power wash it?

A: Yes

Q? How strong the Valeron material? 

It is the most durable radiant barrier available

Q? If I use this material how effective is it?

It will reflect up to 95% of radiant heat.

Q? Will it work in hot climates?

Yes, using this in hot climates will reduce the radiant heat levels and produce ideal conditions that allow birds to reach more of their genetic potential. It reduces the heat stress issues we associate with hot climates.

Q? Will it work in cold climates?

Yes, the Valeron material has the ability to keep heat in a building as well as keeping it out. We refer to it as the “Thermos flask scenario“

Q? Can the Valeron material be fixed to timber housing?

Yes, the best way to fix the material is by using either staples or small nails with washers.

Q? Can the Valeron material be fixed to steel housing?

Yes, we would recommend using Tekscrews when fixing the material to steel housing, to ensure the material is secure.

Q? How can I find out more about Valeron AVA?

If your question has not been answered or if you have any additional questions, we would be happy to discuss this with you. You can contact us by phone, email or by our contacts form, all of these details can be found on our contacts page.