Air Scientifics – Air Sterilisation System

Close Coupled Field Technology, CCFT, is a patented design manufactured in Manchester. In essence the Close Couple Field generates a controlled High Voltage field contained within the safety of the equipment.

This field imparts a huge destabilising effect to all airborne Biological and Chemical contaminants passing through the equipment and degrades the compounds into their constituent molecular parts.

Utilising another of the properties of the CCFT that of adding supercharges to all particles the particles are then trapped within the High Air Flow (HAF) filter.

In this way the electrostatic capabilities of the HAF medium are increased, allowing it to out-perform HEPA filters for flow rate and effectiveness.

This system is currently in use in aviation and office air conditioning.

It has also been approved by DEFRA and installed in the new animal quarantine unit at Chester zoo.



Trials have shown a consistent pattern in reducing the bacterial count, said Allan Meldrum, Director of Food Chain Innovation.

“There is increasing focus generally on the importance of having a clean environment for preparing vaccine given to day-old chicks. We are consistently finding that CCFT technology is achieving a significant reduction in bacterial count in these areas,” said Mr Meldrum.“ Progress in this technology has enabled Air Scientifics to be able to offer the system throughout the poultry sector for hatchery, feed mills and to individual poultry units.