Jim Johnston graduated in 1978 from the West of Scotland Agricultural College, Auchincruive, UK with a National Diploma in poultry husbandry. He has worked in the poultry industry for 32 years travelling all over the world to experience different methods of production. Jim has worked with primary breeding companies and major integrators in the UK, New Zealand, Thailand and South Africa. He was a main board director of South Africa’s largest broiler integrator, Rainbow Chicken, and from 2003 was managing director of Grampian Country Food Groups poultry agricultural business in the UK.

In 2006 he launched his own company, Food Chain Partners Worldwide Ltd, focused on supporting integrated business around the world. Utilising his unique experience Jim has access to and works with some of the best specialists in the world covering all areas of the supply chain. This network includes agricultural engineers, economists, nutritionists, veterinarians, agriculture management, feed mill specialists, and primary and further processing management, marketing and business consultants. This pool of skilled resources is matched with the specific needs of each business in a partnership that facilitates business improvement and expansion projects.

He is in a unique position of understanding the food industry challenges and being able to utilise his network to provide solutions.