New lease of life for Essex broiler farm

A lining material, Valeron AVA, was used to provide a radiant barrier inside a 40-year-old Essex broiler unit. The life of the unit has been extended for at least 10 years and has shown its value for improving the environment inside the poultry unit.

The 64,000 sq ft broiler farm near Maldon was in need of refurbishment to extend its life and ensure continued compliance with the Assured Chicken Production criteria.

The solution was provided by using Valeron AVA, the highly reflective aluminium coated laminate which optimises energy usage and is now being introduced across the world to conserve heat in colder zones and help keep poultry cool in hot climates. Manufactured in the UK, the material is designed to seal units from air leakage and moisture, and enhance climate control and airflow

“The results from the Essex broiler farm during the recent hard winter showed a 24 per cent gas saving, improved weight gain of 4.4 grams a day and enhanced litter quality with 29 per cent less used and easier clean-out” says Allan Meldrum, director of Food Chain Innovation, which supplies the product. “The savings on this farm will achieve a payback in just two years.

“We are now seeing the product being introduced not only to renovate older buildings but for new state-of-the-art housing where it is particularly easy to install,” he adds.

- Food Chain Innovation is a joint venture between Allan Meldrum and Jim Johnston, two widely experienced entrepreneurs in the global poultry business, set up to bring innovative technology to the food chain from other industries. Allan can be contacted on 0780 324 2322

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