“The Air scientific CCFT technology is doing a fantastic job in keeping the air clean in our vaccine preparation areas. After using the equipment on a trial basis in the UK for over a year, it is clear that the equipment reduced the bacterial counts to extremely low levels. The unobtrusive equipment also has low running costs which is never a bad thing. We are now interested in extending the use of the Valéron® AVA Lining System to other areas of the hatchery and farms. This new technology is now very valuable to us in our continued effort to improve chick quality and performance.  It is not a substitute for good hygiene rather an effective complement to it.” David Harrower, UK head of hatchery and egg distribution centre for Aviagen

David Harrower,

“The reduction in heat gain into the refurbished production unit was noticeable immediately. Valéron® AVA is comparable to the triple layered plastic laminate we usually use and Valéron® AVA provides an excellent taut fit. Our usual material was not as durable and therefore was more expensive to maintain as it aged quickly, leaked and was torn easily. Overall we have noticed positive flock results where the new system has been implemented. I intend to buy more and install the Valéron® AVA Lining System on any project under my control.” Says Dean Creasey of Cobb-Vantress in USA

Dean Creasey,

Sam Davidson at Noble Foods in the UK “We are seeing great benefits of improved ventilation, faster heating, heat retention and easier clean down between flocks. Our results indicate more than 25% saving in gas consumption.”

Sam Davidson,

“We recently installed the Valéron® AVA lining and have saved 3 times as much money as we would if we had used 50mm roof insulation whilst experiencing the same positive results. The houses feel cool and fresh the temperature never goes above 26°C under the Valéron® AVA lining and we had recorded temperatures as high as 70°C under the tin roofs in the past.” Commented Jim Tozer, operations manager of Kenchic in Kenya.

Jim Tozer,